Catching Up

I haven’t posted on Alexa’s blog in forever, but it’s time I start catching it up!  This is her Christmas 2018 picture!  Looks a lot different from the last picture I posted!


Puppies Puppies Puppies!

Alexa has two “little sisters” as she calls them.  Maggie and Molly are two American Cocker Spaniel Pups we rescued.  They are sisters from the same litter.  We’re working with a trainer who is giving us the extra help we need when raising two from the same litter.  We rescued them at 5 weeks old so they are missing some of the basic learning that a mother would teach the puppies up until around 8 weeks old or so.  It’s a challenge but we love them.   Alexa adores them.

IMG_20130219_151059 Maggie_and_Mollie

Yes, I know….

It’s Alexa’s Blog….but this was such a cute picture of Rae-Lynn (my grand-daughter)  that I had to post it.  Believe it or not, this is Alexa’s neice and ‘Lexi loves her and I know she wouldn’t mind!

2012-12-23 13.28.12-1 2012-12-23 13.28.15

Alexa is 5 Years Old!

Alexa is 5 Years Old!

It’s hard to believe that she’s growing up so fast!  Her weekend started when her cousin Emily came to visit on Friday and stay the weekend.


Swimming, Flowers from Daddy, Riding her Gator, The Playground, and most of all, opening presents from Momma & Daddy, Sissy, and Emily (and family).


We had Alexa’s Birthday Party at a Bounce House this year for her 5th and it was a great time with a great turnout.  We had a whole passle of friends who were able to join us for bouncing, pizza, cupcakes, Minnie Mouse and face painting.

Slo-poke & Twink!

We met Slowpoke at the Shrine Circus earlier this year when she painted Alexa’s face as a pink tiger (see the header of the blog, left side, it’s one of the pictures).  After finding out she was local, we took her contact information and booked her at Alexa’s Birthday Party. 

What a wonderful job she does, and we were happily surprised that her partner Twink was able to join her as well.  They are awesome with the children and the children really loved them.  They do an excellent job face painting and we would have them back to a future party for sure!

Famous Ice Cream

(Famous Dave’s Birthday Sundae)

Time to slow down…two very tired little girls…Little movie and popcorn action –

Momma and Daddy have a new King Bed!!!  

Guess who wasn’t getting to sleep in it tonight after ALL three of the girls were pooped by today?!?!? 

Note the lack of Daddy.

Sunday Morning before taking Emily home

Time to try out the new Brave & Ariel wigs and do a little modeling!

What a great weekend, I hope it’s one that Alexa remembers for a long time!

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Florida 2012 (in June…HOT!!!)

We spend 2 weeks in Florida this year. The first week was purely vacation and Colette’s cousin (more like a sister) and her family joined us for the first week.  The second week I was in a conference but we still made time to have fun!  A couple of days of the first week we were at Cocoa Beach and stayed in a nice LaQuinta right on the ocean.  After that we went to a house we rented with the family.

Alexa is quite the little traveler.  She’s been in more airplanes than many adults I expect, and been to a lot of places in the U.S.

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